Cindy Akinyi Koyier is an Advocate of the High Court and Senior Legal & Data Protection Officer at Sentinel Africa Consulting. She oversees ethics and compliance, and the legal department, which spans a number of functions including corporate governance, government contract law, employment law, securities law, industrial relations, tax, and finance on statutory obligations under the relevant legal Acts and associated legislation and regulation. She is also a member of the firm’s welfare team.

Her expertise in Data Protection has seen her train a variety of clients and give insights on the requirements provided for under the Data Protection Legislative Framework, at a national, regional, and international level, by combining her in-depth knowledge of privacy and data security laws and regulations and best practices.
Cindy holds a Bachelor of Law (LL. B), with honor’s from Nairobi University School of Law, and a Postgraduate-Diploma from Kenya School of Law. Her expertise spans across, Legal Research, Policy Development, Legislative Drafting, Legal Analysis, Report Writing, Stakeholder Engagement and Data Protection.

Cindy Koyier

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