About System Audit

Systems Audit main objective is to determine the existing information Security effectiveness and efficiency and to make practical and actionable recommendations to address the gaps identified.

A thoroughly conducted audit program can assure organizational stakeholders of the financial, operational and ethical well-being of an organization. It should confirm the effectiveness of current operations and on-going compliance with administrative or legal regulations. Or it can reveal the need for change or urgent action.

Why you need to do a System Audit

  • Evaluate the systems and processes in place that secure company data.
  • Determine risks to a company’s information assets and help identify methods to minimize those risks.
  • Ensure information management processes are in compliance with IT-specific laws, policies and standards.
  • Increase the satisfaction and security of the users of these computerized systems
  • Guarantee confidentiality and integrity through professional security and control systems
  • Educate on the control of information systems, since it is a very changing and relatively new sector, so it is necessary to educate users of these computerized processes


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