Risk Management Tools

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KnowBe4 is the world’s most popular integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. We help thousands of organizations manage the problem of social engineering. Partnership with ‘The World’s Most Famous Hacker’ Kevin Mitnick.

Baseline Testing

We provide baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone™ percentage of your users through a free simulated phishing attack.

Train Your Users

On-demand, interactive, engaging training with common traps, live Kevin Mitnick demos and new scenario-based Danger Zone exercises and educate with ongoing security hints and tips emails.

Phish Your Users

Fully automated simulated phishing attacks, hundreds of templates with unlimited usage, and community phishing templates.

See the Results

Enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing, ready for management. Show the great ROI!

  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Realtime Responsiveness
  • Easy Active Directory Integration
  • Targeted, Customizable templates
  • Targeted, Safe and Customizable landing pages
  • Customizable Notification templates
  • Targeted training

Task Management

Task management is one of the most tedious requirements of ISO 27001. Our software automatically organizes tasks into a simple calendar based management system for easy compliance and time management.

Simple, Easy to Establish and Maintain

ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 ISO Manager is the one of simplest ISO management software in the world. Proven in large-scale deployments ISO Manager Cloud SaaS can be used by businesses of all sizes.

ISO 27001:2013 Framework

ISO Manager is based on our proprietary ISO 27001 Framework, which is a simple step-by-step process of implementing and managing ISO 27001’s section 4-10 generic requirements.

Task Management

Task management is one of the most tedious requirements of ISO 27001. Our software automatically organizes tasks into a simple calendar based management system for easy compliance and time management.


Everything you need to implement, certify and manage ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. Includes a Free ISO 27001 Toolkit (MS Word, Excel).

Other Features

Manage People, tasks and compliance; Manage Risk Treatment Plan; Manage Control Implementation; Manage Audit Plan; Manage Corrective Actions; Upload records and evidences; Export to MS Word / Excel / pdf.

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All-in-one digital command center designed specifically to manage ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015, sections 4-10 auditable requirements and all applicable GRC compliance requirements (legal / regulatory and contractual). Its fast, flexible and affordable for any size organization.

Lets Get to know the business by analyzing the Micro (Internal) and Macro (external) environments of the business, know more on stakeholders and their needs to position the business offerings accordingly.

shape the organization chart with an efficient business process mapping, Identify compliance obligations with review and expiry tracker assigned.

  • Business Profile
  • Organization Structure (Chart)
  • Key Business Processes
  • Compliance Obligations
  • Business Context
  • PESTLE & SWOT Analysis
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Business Process Mapping

Strategic Mapping made easy by defining them as Focus Areas (Strategic) based on the Management System, setting Objectives under each of them, allocating resources with dedicated action plans. Business tracking is made possible by setting up reviewers, notifications and alerts.

Business Risks, Stakeholder Analysis, Micro and Macro scanning results are used here as inputs while defining strategy

  • Vision, Mission, Values, Goals
  • Focus Areas, Objectives & KPIs
  • Business Dashboards, Governance & Leadership
  • Action Plans, Reviews & Follow ups

Risk Management module is designed based on the best practices of ISO 31000-Risk Management. The module is capable of managing any number of risk assessments for different business practices like health,safety & environments, business continuity,information security,innovation, quality and so on using the same framework of ISO 31000.

Internal, External Issues, Stakeholder Analysis, Performance Results of the Objectives, Audits, People are considered while assessing the business risks. Risk Treatment with proper action plans, performance tracker and notifications are also available within the same.

  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Incident Management
  • SOA (Statement of Applicability)
  • Environment Impact Analysis (EIA)
  • Asset Management

Human Capital module ensures the business basics of the people side. Interactive Employee Profile, Job Description, Roles & Responsibilities, Competency Matrix, KPIs, Reports are made available with individual tabs. Employee personal documents can also be retrieved here as personal files.

Competency Management would act as an input to the Learning (Training) needs of the business which can also be managed using the tool. The Organization Chart would be auto generated based on the reporting structure, levels and grades of each staff member within the business.

Trackers can also be assigned with setting notificaions.alerts and reminders throughout the module.”

  • Employee Profile
  • Competency Matrix
  • Roles, Responsibilities & Authorities
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance Management
  • User Access Management

Products and Services offered by the business and its entire lifecycle can be managed here from ways to capture customer needs till the customer satisfaction reports. Other business applications like ERP, CRM etc. can be easily integrated to capture the existing business practices.

Supplier Management (Qualification and Performance Evaluation) can be done here in this module. Outsourced activities are also included here. Business Communication matrix for internal and external communications and its records are captured here. Measuring the Quality of the products and services are made possible in the same module.

  • Product/Service (Customer) Cycle Management
  • Quality Control
  • Supplier Management
  • Business Communications

Performance results of the entire business using all the management systems and other business frameworks are reviewed here by setting up business review meetings based on the frequency defined by the business.

Results of internal audits, business strategy and risk management performance levels, and employee performance based on the roles assigned, business impact analysis scores are mapped to the management review module. Assigning actions and responsivities with respective resource allocation to address each of the performance issue is done here. An automated review report will be generated for each of the review meetings conducted.

  • Management Review Meetings
  • Business Analysis & Reporting
  • Business Scorecards
  • Business Review Tracker

Customer Focus and engagement aspects are captured and measured here though surveys, campaigns and events. All these can be customized based on the business needs according to the industry/business practices.

Customer Feedbacks and Complaints are captured and addressed using the best practices of ISO 10000 Series covering the entire cycle.

  • Customer Satisfaction Scoring
  • Customer Complaints
  • Customer Surveys
  • Customer Analysis
  • Customer Retention Ratio

Information lifecycle is one of the most important aspect of every business, managing business information made easy with an efficient document management module here. Document type, category, level, review frequency are captured while uploading the document assigning review and approval users for each of them when it is uploaded. One can also add the supporting documents while doing so. Documents are arranged in dynamic folders where the user can choose to have different views which suits the business needs.

Management of change is made simple and this helps to have automated version control with a master list of documented information. Access controls and confidentiality levels can be assigned based on the roles set for each user. Dynamic Procedures can be created within the system using the process mapping facilities of the tool.

  • Documentation Control
  • Management of Change
  • Creations of Online Records
  • Document Review Alerts

Audit Management module is designed covering the best practices of ISO 19011-Guidelines of Auditing Management System. Annual Audit Programmes can be created and assigned to the qualified auditors. Plans are made for each audits programmed and then schedules are made based on the availability of each departments. Audits are done using the best practices and finally resulting with auto generated audit report based on the findings and its category. An Executive Summary of the audit findings are also available as part of the same.

Audit findings are addressed followed by correction, root cause analysis and corrective measures. The consequence of the findings are assessed using a Business Impact Analysis. This helps to measure the performance (ROI) of the business and management system in practice. Actions are assigned with trackers and notifications for each of them allocating the necessary resources for all of them.

  • Audit Cycle
  • CAPA Management
  • Improvement Projects
  • Business Impact Score
  • Root Cause Analysis

This is the powerhouse of isorobot where all the learnings and business best practices are made available. The standard requirements and guidelines are captured here with proper implementation guidelines using our consulting expertise, this can be used to create and practice effective checklists for audits and assessments. Interactive compliance performance status report will be available based on the checklists when it is put into practice.

The area acts as a business library and is capable of bringing in more business best practices based on the requirements. Currently we have brought in standard guides of ISO, GDPR, IIA-IPPF and Business Excellence Programmes.

  • ISO Standards
  • Checklists
  • Assessments