Course Information

Course Overview

This training course is designed to prepare you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, and develop the competence to perform the role of the data protection officer in a GDPR compliance program implementation.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers or consultants seeking to prepare and support an organization in planning, implementing, and maintaining a compliance program based on the GDPR
  • Data Protection Officers(DPOs) and individuals responsible for maintaining conformance with the GDPR requirements
  • Members of information security, incident management, and business continuity teams
  • Technical and compliance experts seeking to prepare for a data protection officer role
  • Expert advisors involved in the security of personal data

Course Outline


Day 1| Introduction to the GDPR concepts and principles
• Training course objectives and structure
• General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
• Core considerations for the GDPR

Day 2| Designation of the DPO and analysis of the GDPR compliance program
• Designation of the DPO
• Analysis of the GDPR compliance program
• Relationship with the top management
• Data protection policy
• Relationship with the top management
• Risk management process

Day 3| DPO operations
• Data protection impact assessment
• Document management
• Data protection and technology
• Evaluation of the data protection controls
• Awareness, training, and communication

Day 4 | Monitoring and continual improvement of GDPR compliance
• Monitoring and measuring compliance
• Incident management and personal data breaches
• Continual improvement
• Data protection internal audit
• Closing the training course

Day 5: Certification Exam


*DPO – Data Protection Officer