At Sentinel Africa, we partner with our clients to manage their information security needs. We leverage on the client’s existing technologies for protection, prevention and detection to conduct 24/7 incident management, monitoring and alerting, and threat hunting to ensure  security of critical assets.


Cybershield Offering


Cybershield Plans


Penetration testing (pen-testing) is a systematic way to detect security vulnerabilities in an application by evaluating the system or network with various malicious techniques. It is obviously an ethical way of penetrating into a network or website, in order to bring problems to the surface with an intention to fix those. Such a service, also called as VAPT, uses same techniques as that of a real-life evil hacker in a bid to proactively identify and fix risks.

Types of VAPT

Phases of a VAPT

Managed Awareness

Continuous awareness and training of staff is key in keeping cyber attacks at bay. We help our clients develop a risk-based training and awareness program that encompasses security and privacy concerns.

Computer-Based Training Platform

We utilize a computer-based platform to automate the training and awareness program through videos, games, assessments, posters etc and testing the effectiveness of the program through phishing campaigns, USB drop tests etc.