Through this course you will learn about the key concepts of business continuity, understand the benefits of a business continuity management system and become familiar with the requirements of ISO 22301.You will learn the best international practice framework for identifying potential threats, evaluating their impact and developing capability to minimize the impact of disruption. The training Objectives include;

  • Understand the issues of Business Continuity Management and its implementation.
  • Acquire the terminology and basic knowledge necessary to meet the requirements of ISO 22301 in the context if the business.
  • Discover good management practices for business continuity and its link with risk management.
  • Fundamentals of Business Continuity
  • Business Continuity: Initial Concepts
  • Knowing the Organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • BCMS Support
  • BCMS Operations
  • BCMS Performance Evaluation
  • Improvement to the BCMS
  • BCMS Certification Process
  • Fundamental Principles of business continuity
  • Best business continuity and disaster recovery practices
  • Planning a BCMS based on IS0 22301
  • Implementing a BCMS based on IS0 22301
  • Performance evaluation, monitoring and measurement of a BCMS based on ISO 22301
  • Continual improvement of a BCMS
  • BCMS internal and certification audit principles

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