Building Cyber Resilience Masterclass

As cyber threats evolve, so has the need to shift the organizations’ approach to cybersecurity from a purely defensive approach to a holistic approach that considers building its capabilities to prevent, detect, contain and recover from threats against data, applications and IT infrastructure.

During this 2 – Day course, the participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to support the organization’s ability to keep maintain acceptable levels of service in the event of disruptions affecting its Information Technology Systems.

DAY 1:

A. Introduction to Cybersecurity Resilience and Governance
• Definition of Terms
• Cybersecurity Framework:-NIST Cybersecurity Framework
• Cybersecurity Roles and Responsibilities; Board and Senior Management

B. Identification and classification of Cyberthreats
• Business Environment
• IT Governance
• Asset management
• Risk Management

C. Protection of processes and assets
• Access Controls
• User Awareness and training program
• Antimalware Management
• Network Security Controls
• Emerging Protection Trends
• Vulnerability and Patch Management


A. Detecting Cyber Attacks
• Logging and Monitoring

B. Response and Recovery
• Incident Response Resumption and Recovery
• Communication Plan
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

C. Testing
• Testing program

D. Cyber threat Intelligence
• Threat Intelligence
• Information Sharing and Collaboration