This training course is designed to help participants understand the fundamental concepts and principles of a business continuity management system (BCMS).

 By attending this training course, participants will learn more about the structure and requirements of the standard including the BCMS policy, the top management’s commitment, internal audit, management review, and continual improvement process.

  • Project managers and consultants involved in business continuity.
  • Individuals responsible to maintain conformity with BCMS requirements within an organization.
  • Members of the BCMS team
  • Gain an understanding of the elements, concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used for the implementation and effective management of a BCMS.
  • Learn How to Carry Out A Business Impact Assessments
  • Learn How to Conduct A Business Continuity Risk Assessment.
  • Understand Business Continuity Planning Elements
  • Learn how to interpret and implement the requirements of ISO 22301 in the specific context of an organization.
  • Understand Your Business Continuity Roles and Responsibilities

Day 1|

Introduction to Business Continuity

  • What Is Business Continuity
  • Introduction to ISO 22301
  • Need for Business Continuity
  • Case Studies
  • Benefits of An Effective Business Continuity Management System
  • Understanding the Organisation and Its Context
  • Business Continuity Policy
  • Business Continuity Governance
  • Scope of The Business Continuity Management System

Business Impact Analysis

  • Impacts of Disruption Over Time

Day 2|

Risk Assessment

  • Definition of Business Continuity Risks
  • Relationship Between Business Continuity and Risk Management
  • Activity: Business Continuity Risk Assessment

Business Continuity Planning

  • Business Continuity Strategies and Solutions
  • Activity: Scenario Based Departmental Business Continuity Planning for Critical Processes

Business Continuity Testing

  • Rationale for Testing
  • Types of Business Continuity Tests