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Sentinel Africa Consulting Limited is a Risk Management Consultancy headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Our vision is to be the advisor of choice and we aim to achieve this by obsessively going about making our clients and partners win. Our view on risk management is two-fold;

  • The protection of value and,
  • The growth of value.

And as such we have defined a modus operandi for carrying out our activities; Understand. Tailor. Embed.


No two businesses are alike in nature or business. We aim to first of all gain a detailed understanding of our client’s business’ ins and outs, internal and external circumstances, and their core DNA.


After understanding the business and its operating environment we design solutions that best fit the client’s needs taking into cognizance the need to not only protect value but also to grow it.


We truly make you win when we ensure that the change sticks. We make our intervention stick by implementing a cultural change in doses that heal without evincing resistance. Rather than creating a dependency we ensure you and your staff are self-reliant and cascade the new way of doing business.

Sentinel Africa Consulting considers the information it collects, stores and distributes a critical asset for achieving its business objectives. It is critical to protect this information in a manner that guarantees business continuity and the mitigation of associated risks, thereby reducing the likelihood of information security related incidents and reducing the potential impact should an incident occur. To this end, the organization made the strategic decision to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) pursuant to ISO 27001:2013 around its most critical business processes.

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