Our Services

We partner with companies and governments throughout Africa and the Middle East, providing an innovative mix of services.

  • Consulting

    Sentinel Africa Consultancy, focuses on bringing out the strategic value that effective Risk Management in an organization can achieve.

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  • Capacity Building

    ‘….there is agreement that knowledgeable employees are an asset to organizations and that knowledge is a driver of innovation.’

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  • Solution Provider

    Automation is a leading priority for organizations: more than 70% list this as one of their top three areas of focus; what is holding them back?

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Areas of Expertise

  • Information Security and Cybersecurity

    The global economy is increasingly powered by information and demands innovative and comprehensive technologies, processes and practices to protect against unauthorised disclosure, access or modification. Cybersecurity as a subset of a larger information security program focuses on securing your digital assets against security breaches and loses arising from cyberattacks. Sentinel Africa partners with you to strengthen your cyber intelligence and overall information security posture.

    One cannot apply traditional methods to solve a complex problem. A creative solution must be sought instead. By providing a multi-faceted approach to identifying and managing information and cyber security risk we ensure information security in your organization is a strategic business component.

  • Enterprise Risk Management

    We need inclusive risk management governance that provide opportunities for organisations to flourish-through proactively managed risk. A global business risk perspective that aligns with your strategy and is rooted in your local realities ensures risk is maintained within your set risk appetite. We combine extensive industry and international experience, our strategies blend the best global ideas and innovations with the local practicalities needed for effective implementation of your Enterprise Risk Management.

  • Business Continuity Management

    Meeting the growing demands for an always on service is defining factor in todays competitive business environment. Nobody can predict when a disaster will strike.  It is said that planning meets preparedness and a tailored business continuity plan keeps your business from grinding to a halt during a disaster.

    By reviewing your operations, Sentinel Africa validates what is critical to your business and works with organisations to design tailored business continuity plans to ensure you do not lose your head in a crisis.

  • IT Service Management

    Ill designed Information Technology infrastructure undermines the expected return on investment.  Information Technology should bring about increased productivity and optimized processes, enabling technology. Sentinel Africa helps you develop inclusive IT and IT service delivery growth agendas and programs where the business can benefit from, and participate in, increased business productivity and performance.

  • Quality Management

    The right process yields the right results. Every company should buy into the precept of Quality Management. There isn’t an environment that cannot be improved upon. The hardest thing is to recognize what needs to be done. Sentinel Africa gets your organization to focus on the real problem. A data driven quality strategy, ensures that you get quality right the first time.

  • Information Security Solutions

    In today’s ‘cybercentric’ world, digital Information is the driving force of every business transaction, and as such, the target of many a criminal. Deploying suitable solutions to deter, detect and investigate imminent threats, assure business’ growth, sustainability and stability in the face of the dynamic, disruptive and volatile cyberspace. We offer our clients essential armoury to complement their Information Security.