Join Our Team

We are a run into the fire team who are looking for candidates with a blend of skills and experience, who embody the entrepreneurial spirit. , are exceptional problem-solvers, capable of rigorous analysis, and passionate  about risk management. We are looking for Sentinels; obsessed about the customer, team-players and looking for a challenging work environment.


Lasting Impact- In all we do, we seek to create a lasting impact . Whether working alongside our clients, or collaborating within our team, we are always focused on creating positive impact.

We are entrepreneurs- We strive to be innovative. We look for creative ways to combine what we know with what doesn’t yet exist. If we can’t solve a problem with a proven method, we design a new one. We support ideas, people and approaches that challenge the status quo.

We build our people- We develop our team as a matter of course. We develop and grow them. We don’t let the fear of losing them stop us. We give them opportunities to thrive. When they glow we all shine.